3rd International Nordic-Mediterranean Workshop on Time-to-Digital Converters and Applications NoMe–TDC 2019

Workshop Co-Chairs:

  • Antonio Moschitta,
    University of Perugia, Italy
  • Marek Miskowicz,
    AGH University of Science and Technology, Poland

Time to Digital Converters (TDC) have gained increasing importance in recent years because of the widening of applications and of new efficient architectures performing numerical conversion of time intervals. This workshop is aimed to exchange ideas, discuss research outcomes and present scientific results on TDC architectures and applications.

NoMe-TDC 2019 is a continuation of NoMe-TDC workshops held in Perugia, Italy (2013), and in Kraków, Poland (2016).

Main topical submission areas:

  • TDC design and implementation,
  • TDC modelling and testing,
  • FPGA-based TDCs,
  • Calibration of TDCs,
  • Applications of TDCs and TDC-based systems,
  • Time-Mode Circuits and Systems,
  • Time-Mode Signal Processing

Submission deadline April 14, 2019
Acceptance notification April 28, 2019
Deadline for final manuscripts May 5, 2019