Novel Technologies for Solar Energy Industry Sector Workshop SolarTech 2019

Paving the Way to Green Energy Society

Workshop Chair: Thierry Talbert, PROMES-CNRS Lab – Perpignan Via Domitia University, France

One of important industrial applications of event-based control and signal processing are solar technologies. EBCCSP 2019 conference, in addition to a regular technical program, is going to hold the 2nd edition of a workshop dedicated to technologies in the solar energy area SolarTech. The workshop is envisioned to comprise regular, as well as work-in-progress and poster presentations.

Papers are sought on ICT and other technologies in solar energy capture, conversion, distributions, and diverse application areas.

Submissions are solicited from both researchers and practitioners from both academia and industry. Papers from practitioners from industry reporting on on-going developments including deployments of new solutions and experience with operating new installations are particularly welcome.

In order to put the current and future developments in the area from economic point of view, we welcome submissions discussing the economic side of the research, development, and technology deployment in the solar energy sector. Overviews of the sector in specific countries are also encouraged.

Main topical submission areas:

  • Technologies for the solar energy sector:
    1. approaches,
    2. solutions,
    3. technologies,
    4. systems,
    5. integration issues,
    6. recent deployments,
    7. application areas,
    8. experience reports.
  • Solar energy sector economics:
    1. cost of technology development,
    2. funding issues,
    3. operating costs of solar energy facilities,
    4. broad economic issues,
    5. solar energy policies.

Submission deadline April 14, 2019
Acceptance notification April 28, 2019
Deadline for final manuscripts May 5, 2019